House Blessing is a spell to cleanse your home of all negative spiritual energy. This spell will also bless a new home and help heal the energies of the one you are presently in. It will bless the home with an overall sense of peace, clarity, and happiness.

Grow Hair is simply that for you to grow long beauty healthy hair.

Boost your Memory is a spell to help you regain past memory that you may have forgot. Also to help you release unwanted stress, to have your mind refocus and rebalance so you can move forward.

Win at Court is a spell for bringing a favorable verdict in court. Even if you are clearly in the right, a simple thing can create delays or cause things to go awry. This spell will help keep you protected from an unbalanced justice system.



Emergency Spells are a more deeper energy spells with a more smaller time frame to see results. I offer all kinds to help you to find love you are unable to find, a stable career, for negative energy or black magic around you to be remove so you move forward in a more brighter positive way. Contact me first so we can see which spell is right for you.        

---------- Self Performing Spells ----------

Commitment Spell is a love binding spell for new love or to have a old love return to you in a positive way.

Fortune Spell is designed to bring good fortune your way positive, powerful, and effective. Brings good luck to whomever casts it.

Body Healing Spell is for helping with anxiety, depression, energy level, or helping you stick to a diet plan.