Coming Out For Gays or Lesbians is a spell to help alleviate some of the pressure of coming out of the closet. This can be a difficult time for gays or lesbians of any age. Announcing your sexual preference to family and friends can be stressful, painful, and confusing. This spell not only helps give you the courage you will need, but also helps heal those around you so a smoother transition can be made. Also can be done on behalf of a friend who is having trouble coming out.

Money Pyramid is a spell for building a stable financial structure. So you can build a structure of financial success, money drawing, and general wealth and well being.

Collect Debts is a spell to collect money or favors that are owed to you. Are you one of those great people who are always doing good for others, but when you need a favor nobody seems to be around? If so, this spell is for you. Use it if someone has borrowed money from you and you need it returned. Also will help you pay off any debts that you may owe, so you may move forward onto your life path in a more positive way.

The Home Finder is a simple spell for someone looking for a good foundation for ones future.



Casino is a spell for a gambler's lucky seal for winning at games of change related to professional gambling. Slot machines, dice games, the big wheel, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and keno games. Your chances of winning any game you can play in a casino are increased with this spell. This spell should be done at least two days before you go gambling.

Employment Pyramid is a spell to empower your career and financial earnings. This spell is all about getting a good positive job. Sometimes this spell will send a job that is a stepping stone to your ultimate destination. This spell is also great for freelance workers.

Peace and Protection is a spell for total peace and protection from all malevolent beings whether they be human or spiritual. This spell will represent you and your family living in peace and protection. Also help protect you from trouble with the law.

Baby is a spell to have a healthy baby, but also helps with fertility problems.