Spiritual Awakening is a spell to simply awaken your inner and outer energy levels, to help balance and cleanse your aura and chakras of negative energy around you. So you can move forward in a more positive way.

Love Healing is a spell to heal a love relationship that has been ripped apart. Sometimes there are outside forces that can harm a relationship, those who would cast dark magic or send you negative energy out of jealousy or vengefulness with sole purpose of separating you and your loved one.

Stay At Home is a spell to create a love nest they will not want to leave. This spell ensures that your mate will stay home and workout problems with you instead of straying.

Come To Me is a spell to draw someone you desire. Whether you want to call someone to you whom you already know and have desired for a long time, or wish to attract a new love, this spell will have a powerful influence. Also with help reunite two estranged lovers.



Love Uncrossing is a spell to remove unwanted obstacles from your love life. It will also help remove obstacles for issues such as trust, so you can allow love in your life. If you have been single a long time and cannot seem to find love, perhaps there is a block that needs to be removed.This spell will open the way to love and also remove negative magic or bad thoughts others may have sent to you.

Lesbian Love is a spell to draw lesbian love to you. The intention of this spell is to find a companion and mate who can share a life with you.

Love Healing For Lesbians is a spell to restore love and heal a lesbian relationship. This spell is designed with focus on the special needs in a relationship between two women.

Boy's Night Out is a spell for gay men who want to draw a new love to their lives. Male mysteries-the special magic that two men can share-are of a very unique nature. This spell has been used to invoke the companionship between two men with love, lust, and a lasting relationship.